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I am still trying to find a balance between creating art and marketing–even posting to this blog on a regular basis gets pushed aside.  I wish it weren’t so–it’s a lot of fun to chronicle activities in the studio and at shows.   Even though the comments are few and far between, several people have written me, so I know there are lurkers out there.

The posts also have been image-poor–it’s a bit of a process (long story), so I don’t post as many photos these days as I’d like.  
Anyway, thought you’d like to see a couple more images of the studio.  Earlier posts showed a teacher workshop in session, and how full every horizontal surface can become before a show.
Here is the studio before the Carolina Designer Craftsmen Show–I repainted door panels and pedestals.  There are other pedestals to the left and several short ones below that did not get included in the photo.  Preparing for a show can be a lot of work–and that’s for the non-art stuff!

A sea of white
And here is the outside of the studio, decked out for the holidays.  Photo taken Dec. 14, 2009.

Out of the Fire Sculpture Studio
As I write this, the studio is very clean, after the first ever Saxapahaw Holiday Open House.  I’ll try to get a photo of that–not very exciting, but the transformation is pretty amazing, considering it was a Sea of White a few weeks ago, then a storage unit for boxes after that–we could hardly move.
I have a gallery space here, too–will get a photo of that.

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  1. 12-28-2009

    Thanks, Lorrie! Settling on a style has been a journey–there are so many options to explore! The work may evolve a bit more, but the human/non-human bond is something that I feel very passionate about.