New Body of Work (still play!)

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Sometimes ideas are in my head for years before they come out.  Maybe they just need to brew a while, like a rich lager, or the nuances blend and soak in, like the ingredients in your favorite coleslaw dressing. To have work at various price points, and to experiment with some new directions, I’ve been making small pieces.  When I do that, I also tend to be a little freer and experimental in a loose, whacky sort of way.  Like the difference between doodling on scrap paper and drawing on the expensive stuff. I am creating a new body of work and will be making some bigger pieces.  A...

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Dances with Clay

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An important purpose of the studio is to provide a venue for people to come and play with clay. To express themselves, have fun, and maybe we’ll sneak in a little learning.  So, while we are working at honing our craft, here, work really feels like play Picasso said, “Every child is an artist.  The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” And that is so true…at some point most of us tend to get self-critical and judgmental.  As an artist-in-the-schools, I’ve seen it in students as young as 8 years of age.   Mike Sanford, my ceramics professor at Elon...

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Scruffy Is In

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If you come to the studio, you may meet one of our dogs.   My name is Scruffy because, when I was born, my Mommy said,”What a Scruffy Puppy!”  The name stuck.  She’s always telling me how gorgeous I am.  I’m very sweet, but a little shy, so couldn’t sit still when she got in my face with the camera.——– I’ve been telling them they need to get part time jobs.  Hey, dog food is not cheap!  I have a specific project in mind for Toby–can’t say much about it yet–have to finish writing the job description and see if he accepts....

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The Week (and a half) in Clay

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Last week slipped by quickly, but I finally downloaded images from the camera. Tom glazing one of the four mushrooms. Suzanne glazing a mushroom.  She used three different glazes on one of the pieces and we were all pretty excited to see the result.  The combination caused the glazes to run more, which let the underlying stamped texture show through.  A happy surprise (Christmas, if you read the earlier post). Suzanne picked up the mushrooms on Friday and headed home to clear spaces in her garden for them.   Suzanne is happy with her marvelous Mystery Mushroom View from the top. A Fungus-y...

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Time Warp

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There is a worm hole between the office and the studio.  The distance is less than 100 feet, but it can take me hours to make the trip. In between are the washer and dryer, sink with this morning’s dishes, and several dogs who like their mommy to spend time with them.  

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