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If you come to the studio, you may meet one of our dogs.  

My name is Scruffy because, when I was born, my Mommy said,”What a Scruffy Puppy!”  The name stuck.  She’s always telling me how gorgeous I am.  I’m very sweet, but a little shy, so couldn’t sit still when she got in my face with the camera.

I’ve been telling them they need to get part time jobs.  Hey, dog food is not cheap!  I have a specific project in mind for Toby–can’t say much about it yet–have to finish writing the job description and see if he accepts.  I think he will–he loves clay!  So much, I have to pick up any I drop on the floor.  Immediately.  Geesh!  You’d think we never feed these guys.

My name is Toby, and I am a busy boy! This is not a special effect. It’s almost impossible to get a still shot of me. I’m also the inspiration for the little clay dogs with the tennis balls in their mouths.
Meanwhile, other pooches may be in the studio keeping me company, greeting visitors, modeling  (for free–so don’t tell them about unions!) or soaking up sun.  There is plenty for them to do.