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Everyone says this, but I can’t believe how past the time goes. Already, it’s time for Debbie’s and Eric’s show, Come Out and Play.  This is their 8th year!  I am so thrilled to be a part of it.  

Every year, Debbie and Eric offer their beautiful farm as the venue. They invite artists to install work in the yard, around the pond, in the pond, on the porch and even in the house.  The list of artists gets larger and more impressive every year.  All mediums are represented–painting, sculpture (clay, metal, stone, wood, fiber, mixed media, you name it), glass, etc.  (I have to say that for fear of leaving something out.)
Opening night is usually the last Saturday in August, from Noon til Dark (“when the cows come home”).  Artists bring covered dishes, Eric fires up the grill, Debbie prepared vegetarian and non-veg main dishes, and they provide drinks and eating supplies.  Then they have get-togethers every Saturday in September, from 4Pm until dark.  Many of the artists attend those days, as well.
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This has become a huge event–attendance increases every year.  People get to walk around this lovely place (called JimGin Farm, after Debbie’s parents), look and (and buy!) amazing art, eat fantastic food, and visit with artists and art lovers.  Debbie and Eric have been involved with animal rescue, and allow dogs on leashes to visit with the people and their horses and cats.
Every year we say, “Wow is it that time already?”  And then we’re sad when it’s over and we have to wait another 11 months.
It really is the most fun you can have at an art show.