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This title sound very mysterious and provocative…read on (if you dare)….

While I’m waiting for things to dry–clay, glazes and underglazes, I’ve been making medium size dogs and, yes, some tiny pieces.  Wasn’t going to do that, but with the economy, yada yada…
Turns out, these teeny pieces are a great break from the challenge of the big ones.  And they are a blast (does using that term give away my age???) to glaze.  As close to immediate gratification as you can get in the clay world.  I’ve been making teensy catfish, dogs, penguins and other birds.  
I’ve been calling these “Goony Birds,” and just looked up that term (the below is from Wikipedia):

Gooney bird:A common name for the albatross bird.  For more information, see:

Just when I thought I came up with something original!  Don’t you hate that?
Still having fun….