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Internet–photos–provide alot of inspiration, as well as my own animalsls.  Need photos  of animal and poeple from different angles–that’s whre ice people like Patty come it.  While at the Piemot Pottery Festival last week, a woman came up with her chihuahua.  Even though I had finished sculpting the 3 companion pieces I’d be able to finifh (with luck) for the Carlina Designer Craftsmen show, I was so excited.  IN introduced myself, expained that I am a clay sculptor, told her about this new work and asked if I could take pictures of her an dChiquita from different angles.  

She graciously areed.  Chiquita was so wonderful–there was a lot to look at, so we couldn’t get the two of them to look in the same diretion for vefry long.  We had a great chat.  What a story–Chiquita was running around Patty’sneighborhood for weeks at about this time of year three years ago–and she was very young.  She wouldnot have survivied much longer.  Ptty put food and a blanket on her porch adnd Chiquita settled there. With patience, Ptty was able to get closer to her until, one day, Chiquita put her paw on the door.  When Patty opened it, she went in! 
Wish I had those photos earlier, but they will be very helpful in furture pieces.