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The Carolina Designer Craftsmen show is coming up Thanksgiving weekend (Nov. 26-28, see at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds in Raleigh. I won’t have my own booth this year, but will be participating in their Masterworks Program.

A Masterwork is defined by the Guild as “a piece that is superior in design, quality, originality, price and/or size to what you would normally make and display in your booth. This piece should be the same style of work that you are making now, but more elaborate and more wonderful. It could be that dream piece, the one that you’ve held in your heart…that you have always wanted to make.”

This is my third year as a Masterwork artist. This year, my piece will be a further exploration of my body of work addressing the intimate and mutually beneficial relationship between humans and their companion animals.

The inspiration: in the last year, some of my friends developed serious health issues and are facing them with incredible optimism and grace. Their situations have touched me deeply and this piece is a tribute to them and others who live each day fully, with hope and courage

Bridget and Opal
16″ H X 14″ W X 11″ D

The name “Bridget” means “strong” in Celtic. The opal is a healing stone representing hope. The wolf, used here to signify the long-standing relationship between humans and dogs, is a Zuni fetish for loyalty and strength. In some Native American cultures, the wolf is seen as a great healer and pathfinder on the journey of survival. As a fetish, the wolf is usually carved in alabaster or white marble. Turquoise is a symbol of faith, protection, courage, healing and balance.

By the way, you many not be able to read them in the picture, but the numbers on Opal’s tag represent my last name: