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I can’t figure out how my colleagues keep up with all the social media and find time to create art!

Having said that, I managed to create a Facebook Fan Page for Out of the Fire. Here is the url:
You can also access it by the widget on the right side of your screen. Please check it out. (There is also a widget to my personal Facebook page). I am doing a much better job with the Fan Page–have up-loaded photos and the latest news.
I must say, I am loving the Facebook Fan Page–like a combination of blogging and a web site, and very user friendly. Way to go, Facebook! Please consider becoming a fan–I like the way the page looks–very businesslike, and I will keep it concise.
I have some more to upload on this Blog (which I also love–Thank You, Google!), but have held off, since it takes forever with my camera-to-computer system (long story). I am hoping to resolve that soon.
For now I can tell you, I recently finished sculpting a piece that I am very pleased with, and have started two more. We’ve had a lot of things happening the middle of that, including teaching at a school in Raleigh.
More to come!