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How I started each of my People and Their Companion Animal pieces:

Humble beginnings.  This bottom rim is pretty thick, so I’ve poked holes in it to help it dry a little more evenly and relieve stress during drying and firing.
Any idea of where this will lead?

See those snake-like coils of clay climbing up her back?  More on that later!
Long story short, lots of stuff happened, and we are shaping up!

Bodyguard appears to be growing out of Caroline’s head.

That is a chop stick in Caroline’s chest, holding up a bottle of hand cream–many things in the studio serve as armatures.  Once her neck firms up, these accessories will be removed.  The dog is sporting wet paper towels to keep areas moist so I can work on them later.
Does this hand cream make me look fat???
“The Girls” often hang out together:

Caroline and Grace

Time to get cracking on Max and Gizmo!
My hope is to finish this third piece in time for the Carolina Designer Craftsmen show on Thanksgiving weekend.