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I keep tweaking my artist statement–always feel it’s too simplistic. Anyway, here goes with the statement for the North Carolina Artists Exhibition. Feel free to comment. Be gentle–you know how sensitive we AR-TISTES are.


My art, influenced by an educational background in biology and anthropology, reflects my interest in the interdependence between humans and other creatures with which we share the planet. Inspiration comes from a desire to understand the world from a non-human point of view. This, along with many years of experience working with animals large and small, has enabled me to interpret nuances of behavior, subtle but evident if we take time to learn these languages.

With patience and mutual trust, humans and animals can develop a bond where both parties communicate on an intuitive, or even spiritual, level. Although technology enables people (who have access) to exchange information frequently and instantly, there is still a fundamental human need for direct connection with another living creature. For many, this is provided by the companion animal who lives in the present, accepts us at face value, finds joy in simple pleasures, and offers unconditional love.

When creating a sculpture, I use coil, slab, additive and subtractive techniques. With a science background, my process is to research the subject in depth and incorporate a great deal of realism and detail. At some point my artist side reminds me to lighten up and play. This often manifests as a bit of whimsy or the unexpected—in the cases of “Caroline and Grace” and “Max and Gizmo,” the number on dogs’ tags is my name in numeric code:

2 9 12 5 19