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August is a busy month, with teaching in the studio and sometimes off-site, preparing for several fall and holiday shows (including a studio tour), and the annual Artist-in-the-Schools Booking Fair.  Lots of performing and visual artists are brought together to present their programs to school representatives.

It’s a long day but the Fair is wonderfully organized by the United Arts Council of Wake County and it runs like clockwork.

2012 Booking Fair Biles booth resized for blog artist-in-the-schools clay

 My booth


I’ve been an artist-in-the-schools for about 10 years.  Currently I’m mostly in Wake County, NC (the Raleigh area).   Since my formal education is in biology and I took a lot of anthropology classes in college, I like to create programs that integrate art with science and social studies.  I also incorporate, where appropriate, math, chemistry and technology.  When talking with a school representative, I find out his/her goals and objectives and suggest several possibilities for programs.  We meet again about a month before  the workshops or residency.  At that time, I show models I’ve made for the project and we refine our ideas.  Then I send a lesson plan.


artist-in-the-school booth 2 2102 booking Fair clay class Biles

 Some past projects: Face jugs, animals of carious biomes, self-portraits….


At the Booking Fair, I set up a station where anyone can make a little something in clay.  Soon after the Fair starts, the clay table is full with several students creating anything they can imagine.  I don’t get to help them much, since I’m usually talking with the school representatives, but they get to have fun.  Here is one of the masterpieces.

AIS booking Fair 2012 biles artist-in-the-schools clay resized for blog


There is a page on this web site with information on my artist-in-the-schools programs and I hope you will take a look at it!