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Here are images of my other big dogs that are in the show:

The real Opal, one of our “puppies,” who are over 5 years old now, has a big smile and curvy legs, like a Queen Anne chair.  So I made her legs here extra curvy and left some sharp edges, to suggest wood or furniture.  
The story of of the puppies is a good subject for another post.  Here I’ll just say I named most of them after jewels.  Opal had spots that had different colored specs in them.  Now her spots are more uniform in color.  
The real Opal modeled for part of the time I sculpted, though she preferred to sleep under the slab roller.  She was not too happy about having various parts of herself measured!
Madge’s Balancing Act
I wanted Madge to look very stable, like she could sit up forever.  So she has stout parts, but also sinewy muscly parts, as do most daschunds I have seen.  I worked from photos.
The show was great, as I expected.  When you arrived, a representative from Red Dog Farm was at the entrance to the building with Tallula, a black angus calf.    There was also a dog.  Inside were a kitten, parrot, bearded dragon, and, of course Netop, the painting dog, along with her companion Ruby, who is part Carolina Dog.  Our puppies’ mother is a Carolina Dog and, coincidentally, one of our puppies is named Ruby.
Netop gave a great performance–he is a ball of energy.  Ruby was getting experience socializing. We had a great talk with their owners.